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We welcome your feedback to help us improve. Functionality is currently best within California but we are actively expanding our platform nationwide. Check back frequently as we add new features.

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Residential and commercial. Pick your components from among hundreds of top manufacturers of solar modules, inverters and storage devices. Select your most optimal finance option. Choose your installer. De-Meter your building and take control of your energy future.

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What is your property’s solar potential? Risk of net metering policy changes? Are batteries cost-effective? Our platform enables you to answer these questions and easily evaluate your distributed energy options. Enter a simple property address to get started.

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Receive an immediate estimate of savings potential based upon robust data-driven analytics. Explore further, refine and reconfigure in privacy. No unsolicited phone calls, emails or chat requests.

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It takes sunlight 8 minutes to reach the earth. Just as quickly, you can finalize your project bid packet, verify financeability and solicit competitive quotes from contractors. The lower the project costs, the more you can save.

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