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your energy future with de-meter.

De-Meter is a distributed energy platform and solutions provider.

Our distributed energy platform makes it simple to select, analyze, finance and procure the installation and operation of distributed energy technologies, including solar and energy storage systems.
Providing efficient solutions for institutional property owners across their entire portfolios is our core strength.
We help our customers design optimal, site-specific solutions and then enable them to solicit competitive bids in fulfillment of their corporate fiduciary obligations. Our standardized approach simplifies common complexities that frustrate deals, creating value for each of the project’s various stakeholders, including sponsors, landlords and tenants, and third-party lenders.
Proprietary funding through PACE provides viable, flexible options.
De-Meter pioneered the award-winning PACE Lease® financing structure—the first to successfully combine the advantages of PPAs and leases with PACE financing. This powerful funding mechanism enables us to provide lowest-cost financing for millions of commercial customers that have historically not had a viable funding option – all without the need for detailed company financials or a corporate guarantee.

Why pay utility expenses when you can invest those dollars in your distributed energy potential?

Every dollar you and your tenants pay for electricity could instead be invested in improvements to your properties –amenities like solar carports, electric vehicle charging stations and energy storage systems – with zero upfront cost and that can save on operating expenses every year.

let us introduce you to the distributed energy platform of the future.