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The de-meter team is comprised of experts in energy and finance, business and policy, physics and computer science. Our role is to apply our expertise to our customers’ specific needs and to customize a solution that fits. We strive to bring creative approaches that enhance the core functionality and value of the sites we improve for our customers, capturing cost-saving opportunities and helping you realize your distributed energy future, today.

our philosophy

We are amidst a massive shift in how we create and use energy – both in our buildings and our vehicles. The day is near when centralized power plants are as obsolete as mainframe computers and landline telephones. The technology is already here to enable you to charge your electric vehicle with solar power by day and to deploy energy from a battery to power your house by night.

Our mission is to enable this transition and to make it simple and cost-effective for our customers.

We are committed to providing distributed energy technologies (solar, batteries and EV-charging infrastructure) at the lowest possible price; the ability to save money on your energy costs; and the opportunity to participate in the new energy economy.

Our success will be defined by how quickly we accelerate the transition to a more open, democratized, decentralized and distributed network – a ‘de-metered’ ecosystem – of dynamic energy producers and consumers.

our history

De-Meter was organized in 2012 as Demeter Power Group, Inc. with the mission to pioneer a new concept for underwriting and financing commercial solar installations – a massive sector that has historically underperformed both residential and utility sectors.

In the Fall of 2013, we were selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for a SunShot Incubator Award to prove our concept.

In 2015, we funded proof-of-concept projects in multiple states using our proprietary finance structure, the PACE Lease®. Our inaugural project was selected by the International Energy Agency’s Renewable Energy Technology Division (IEA-RETD) as one of the top 15 most innovative renewable energy projects of 2015.

Building on our success, we have since expanded our focus to developing a comprehensive distributed energy platform that makes it simple to select, analyze, finance and procure the installation, operation and management of distributed energy technologies, including solar and energy storage systems, for any building.

accolades and awards

U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Award – 2013

PBS Horizontal ColorDe-Meter was selected for a $500,000 SunShot Incubator award to demonstrate a new way for commercial property owners to finance valuable solar improvements on their properties. Our approach has been called “game-changing” due to the ability to bring scale to commercial solar for the first time. De-Meter successfully completed its award, contributing to the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative goal of lowering the cost of solar power to compete with grid power.

International Energy Agency-Renewable Energy Technology Division – 2015

Our PACE Lease® financing of a 200kW rooftop/carport installation for non-profit Tiburcio Vascquez Health Center was selected by the IEA-RETD as one of the 15 most innovative projects in the world in 2015. RETD operates under the legal framework of the International Energy Agency and exists to accelerate deployment of renewable energy through its cross-cutting and policy-focused platform.

Principal Solar Award – 2016

Announced at Intersolar 2016 in San Francisco, De-Meter was honored for its innovative work in the area of finance in creating the PACE Lease® offering, which combines the power of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing with the benefits of leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) to open PACE to an entirely new finance model. “It’s gratifying to honor recipients whose ideas, products and services exemplify innovation in the solar industry,” says Michael Gorton, CEO, PSI. “We hold these winners up as models for innovative breakthroughs in efficiency, energy sustainability and forward-thinking financial opportunities.”

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