distributed energy solutions

We help our customers design optimal, site-specific solutions and then enable them to solicit competitive bids in fulfillment of their corporate fiduciary obligations.


We understand that our customers’ cash, tax-appetite and balance sheet support is in limited supply for funding solar and other distributed energy projects. Our PACE Lease® financing bears no upfront cost and saves on operating expenses every year. Underwriting can also be completed without detailed company financials or a corporate guarantee.


Industrial properties frequently have low energy rates but high demand charges and abnormal load profiles. Our platform’s rigorous analytics capabilities will help to quickly and accurately identify solar potential and will determine an optimal energy storage solution to mitigate demand charges.


There is often a “split incentive” in office triple net leases in that a landlord does not receive a direct benefit for reducing tenant operating expenses. Our unique financing structure affords landlords the ability to offer their tenants cost-saving opportunities that enhance lease value while converting their tenants’ utility expenses into capital improvements for the building.


Offering tenants the option to convert their utility expenses to solar is an unwieldy process that our platform makes simple. And, the ability for tenants to park under a solar carport and to plug-in to an EV charging unit makes the property more marketable.